Septic Rose controls septic smell.

Septic Rose controls septic smell.

What is 'Septic Rose'?

Septic Rose is a vent filter designed to control offensive odours produced by the septic system.

The primary cause of smell is often exhausted from the roof-vent pipe, where Septic Rose efficiently controls odour.

Septic Rose is a filter unit that fits easily onto your existing
50 mm (2¼") vent pipe or 100mm with an adapter.
(D.I.Y installation).

The body is composed of PVC, making it light & durable.

The airflow is unrestricted due to pipe-size expansion
above the carbon filter, which is enclosed with
stainless steel, marine grade mesh.

Septic Rose lasts for up to 3 years (dependent on load).
Expect 18 - 24 mths from 1 filter for regular household.
Replaceable filters are also available for very cost-effective control.

Extremely economical.

How does 'Septic Rose' combat the septic smell?

Septic Rose comprises an activated carbon filter
designed to 'adsorb' hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg gas). 

This 'adsorption' process adheres the toxic gases
to the surface area of the highly porous carbon.

We only use the highest quality activated carbon available, and of a proven quantity to combat odours for prolonged periods. The carbon is also hydrogen sulphide specific. 

As the air is drawn through the vent pipe, it is filtered through the carbon inside Septic Rose, 
before release into the atmosphere and
around your home.

Septic Rose is particularly efficient at coping with sudden load increases such as extra visitors,
laundry days, parties  or holiday homes


Why does the septic stink?

As the effluent is processed, hydrogen sulphide (H²S) (better known as rotten egg gas), is produced and escapes via the roof vent. 

This is normal, but as the H²S gas is heavier than air, some weather conditions allow the odours to fall around the home and garden. 

This is particularly noticeable when the
mornings and evenings are cooler.

Smells may also be drawn inside through
windows and air-conditioning vents.

Unpleasant odours spoil your enjoyment of the great
outdoors : bbq's, social events, gardening and relaxation.
They can be both irritating and embarrassing.

The step to clean air is simple.......
Enjoy "the roses"
Slip on a Septic Rose today.

   Septic Rose removing toxic odours

     Septic Rose efficiently removing toxic, unpleasant
     odours from the roof vent pipe.

                                                       Last updated April 2015