No more septic smells.......

Are septic smells spoiling your b-b-q's, parties, and 


Is gardening made unbearable by obnoxious smells?

Do you stay captive inside with windows shut?

Have you poured many dollars worth of
chemicals down the toilet?

Are holidays @ the shack spoilt by septic odours?

Is outdoor relaxation ruined by toilet smells?

Enjoy gardening, resting, reading, playing and eating without noxious septic smells.


Septic Rose controls septic smells before 
they escape the vent pipe.

Don't wait for someone to ask
"What is  that rotten smell?"

Enjoy the "roses",
Install a Septic Rose this week.

Up to 3 years odour control

Great for the environment (reduces toxic emissions)
Neighbour friendly (septic smell travels)
 and  Extremely economical.

Anything else?

Yes, Septic Rose is non-corrosive, mozzie and
bird proof, and most importantly,
Really does work.


Photo of a Septic Rose on a standard 50mm vent pipe.
(100 mm adapters are available) 

Please note : Odours leaking from other parts of the septic
system such as broken covers or leaking pipes
cannot be controlled from the roof vent.

For Septic Rose to be most effective, septics require
regular maintainance and pumping.

Septic Rose
is Proudly All Australian.