Words of support and thanks are received regularly.
We would like to share a few with others.

These are genuine letters or e-mails received.

We are grateful to our customers for
their permission to use these,
and appreciate their kind words.


"Good morning all….I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Septic Rose that we bought from you at the Eaglehawk Neck Markets.

You may recall that I had said that our car park is on the leeward side of the guest house and morning farewells to guests were often hasty owing to the frequent unpleasantries associated with an overtaxed septic system, particularly when the guest house was full to capacity.

I must admit that I was a bit of a sceptic (pun). However, we and our guests could not be happier. The Septic Rose has completely eliminated all unpleasant odours from the system even when it is worked at the maximum limit over continuous prolonged periods. It is absolutely fantastic! You should be millionaires! I owe you a beer next time we meet.

Thanks heaps."

Bev and Gary
Storm Bay Guest House
White Beach. Tasmania 


“Hi Pam, just a quick note to thank you for the Septic Rose. It was easy to install and works perfectly. Our long-term septic smell problem is no more! Our neighbour is so impressed he’d like one too! Please see attached order."

Regards Catherine, Airlie Beach, Qld


I received and fitted the Septic Rose and am writing to say that I am very happy with the product. The septic smells have completely gone!!
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Maleny. Qld


        Sorry not to get back to you sooner with an update, but I
found it hard to believe that the horrid smell in our garden when we flush the toilet had really gone !!
After 13 years & lots of different tries to fix it ,
I think it has really gone , so can't thank you enough.

   Anyway I am ecstatic, best Xmas present I could have.
Cheers Anne & Terry ( Terry has NO sense of smell, so doesn't
appreciate it like I do )

Anne and Terry,
Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tas.


Hello Pam and Paul.
Hope you can publish this testimonial for us.

    We read in "Earth Garden" all about a Septic Rose system. We have had a terrible toilet odour in our ensuite since buying our house about 3 years ago. 
    We ordered one via the given e-mail address, on Monday 26th May, it arrived on Friday 30th May and I fitted it the same day. 
    On 2nd June we went on a planned 7 day trip.
When we got home, surprise, surprise, no more smell in the ensuite.
There was a distinct smell of freshness.
Quite obviously the Septic Rose has worked and was so easy to fit.
We are both very pleased and have told a couple of our neighbours who reside nearby in our village. All of us are on septic systems. 
    One thing I do recommend to all customers when ordering a Septic Rose via the e-mail, is to include your phone number. I received a call from Paul the day our order arrived with him. He spoke very user friendly plumbing talk to me (after all, he is a plumber) as a novice and I understood exactly what he was saying.
A very easy man to talk with and a welcoming personality. Thanks very much mate, appreciated.
All the best... Harry and Jill. Numeralla. NSW